Saturday, October 30, 2010

Extrapreneurs - a new business design piece?

1. Entrepreneurs are setting up new ventures.
2. Intrapreneurs are doing similar within a corporate cocoon.
3. Team Entrepreneurs, similar to TeamAcademy, the "management school without teachers".
4. Extrapreneurs, not yet defined to my knowledge.

Extrapreneurs may come from within a corporate position, which enabled them to stabilize and find their true passion. Once the pull of passion is stronger than staying at the organization, they move out of the organization's orbit (on a very very" loose leash").

Extrapreneurs have two eyes into the future of business, one is focusing on their own passion they want to become reality, the other one is focusing back on where they have come from (the organization they are still mentally connected). In this context, they are the boundary spanners enabling organizations to see and explore the future with them together for positive impact.