Saturday, December 18, 2010


Do you have a minute?

Imagine circling above your organization. What do you see? Some people
buzzing around, being in constant action.

So the organization drives and lives - so at least it looks at first sight.

But see, there are some folks who don't make lots of noice, they sit down
and do nothing. Do they really don't do anything worthful? What might
they really do?

Figuring out what the real purpose of the organization is not easy (never was)
and isn't it not the full field of diversity that flows and lives in an organization
that enables to see collectively the purpose (some call it intention) of the
organization, community, society (a group of likeminded people in general)?

.. and whoosh off we go collectively together, wouldn't you think?!

As in a natural eco-system it needs the diversity of players, even though at first
sight it seems they don't fit together or don't see the other's purpose of life. Being
full of just one kind, it would be very much of a "mono culture" doomed to die.

Yet we need both, the DOERs and the SYNTHESIZERs (you could also call
them THINKERs) - and perhaps there are even more of these unknown types
(Thanks a lot for StephenCollins for providing this, and MarigoRaftoupolus for
making me aware of it) in our knowledge driven world.

What is your favorite role in the play of life?

PS.: I have to especially thank JohnHagel and JohnSeelyBrown for their excep-
tional work and book, "The Power of PULL", which is constantly on my hands
and looked and read through.

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