Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Small solutions to instant issue

Just coming from a meeting with communal IT folks.
Three presentations (two Powerpoint, one story telling) -
which one you think was most interesting?

The last one given as a story, with some short live screens.
It was about to handle emails and archiving them.

Due to European Commission regulations there have to
be overall IT procedures to ensure that, also for email.
However the pressing need happened when for a trial
old emails were necessary. This resulted in, "I have a

A simple button to archive emails and connect them
with relevant paper and other electronic documents.

Just a couple of hundred € for reprogramming the GUI
(Graphical User Interface), a small testing group of
dedication users - and of we went having a small part
of the future BIG Solution.

What have we learned: take a problem as a chance, start
small, solve what is really relevant and use the learnings
for the bigger project already under way!

This was again a great example of LEAN THINKING.

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