Friday, February 4, 2011

Wild Dueck and Saxonian Entrepreneurs

Saxonian division of BVMW had its New Years Reception at Messe Leipzig and was actually tweeted. Gunter Dueck AKA wilddueck, Chief Technology Officer of IBM Germany, running his personal website, on the list of distinguished speakers. No agenda, no powerpoints (!), pure PASSION!

Story after story he drew the audience deeper and deeper into what is for techies and Web 2.0 addicts already inevitable: the WEB changes business, education, and society.

The knowledge worker 2.0 is morphing into reality. It is a Jules Verne story we are playing the main role right now and then. Future is written today! And we personally are as entrepreneurs, politicians, teachers, professors, managers, workers, employees the very active part of changing the world.

What is it your company is already adapting to that in order to be on top of list in the future?

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