Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wind of Change

A few minutes back on my other blog OrganizationalThinking
something caught my eye. Just a link. It was Otto Schamer's blog.

Even though I am not in Egypt or the area where the change of
history is happening right, I am confident that words and connecting
people, resonate, and reshape thinking through conversation will
also make a difference from the city of Dresden.

1989 in Dresden (back then East Germany) and elsewhere the pictures
were quite similar to the ones today we see on YouTube, CableTv, and
Twitter and Facebook.

Let's support each other with what we know from our past history. We
can all learn together collectively across boundaries (that are only existent
in our minds).


1 comment:

Ulrike von Ruecker said...

winds of changes blow slow ... and take a rest from time to time - the quiet before the storm, maybe