Friday, April 22, 2011

Open Education - it is becoming reality

Salman Khan about the learning of the future. With some concepts of Jean Pol Martin, Gunter Dueck, Michael Wesch, and LockSchuppen (where we did similar on smaller scale via ScreenR). MIT Open Course Ware certainly fits in this future journey of learning - pretty much of what I have dreamt some ten years ago here in Dresden - where science, arts and business comes together and LEARNING is the bounding brace.

Watching his video and sneaking into Khan Academy something is definitely calling me (and you as well perhaps) to make the education here in Dresden fit for the coming times! - und es sollte nicht auf eine Sprache begrenzt bleiben (sorry to undo my promise to keep this blog only in English).

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Ralf Lippold said...

Does that make sense in the "chalk era" where official education is seldom keeping the pace of the life around?

Where do you see specific fields of action?