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Blind Spot - Walking into the Future Fog

.... some distant thoughts, I stumbled over just a few minutes ago from 2009 - old but good. Some is history, most not.

Please read through to the end (if you have the passion and patience) - what is it you can contribute in your life and work context to the points 1. - 6. ?


Reply by Ralf Lippold on September 26, 2009 at 12:41pm
Hi Otto,
hi all,

After a day of Atoms & Bits festival and a convened CoWorkingDay session together with other initiatives around Germany I would like to check in again after some four weeks. I would like to take the initial questions Otto posted earlier this year.

1. Co-creating Living Examples: everyone participates in co-creating living examples. some of them are captured on this social networking site and on the PI site. others will be added later.

A living example has been the CoWorkingDay today. Lots of smaller initiatives have done CoWorking and the intention (at least from my point of view) was, to try out working across the physical distance using Web-2.0 technology. The collaboration ended where deeper questions aroused on how CoWorking could be helpful to work sustainably in the world today.

2. Evolving and refining Theory: no theory no learning. the further evolution of Theory U and other related frameworks will remain a core activity and focus area of this awareness based action research community.

What is the theory behind the current work concepts that mainly are based on fixed employment or when freelanced working in rather small circles in physically close environments. Use of internet for collaborative learning and working is still not be used by its potential (merely at all).

3. Developing social technology: Applying, refining, and further developing the social technology of presencing (based on TheoryU, chapter 21, and the open source PI toolbook)

In a way the experiment of CoWorking around different places using a shared open container, the internet has shown that there are still some shortcomings even despite the need on lowering workload (through participating meeting in person)

4. Capacity building: develop capacity building mechanisms that prototype innovations in learning infrastructures which address all three: the open mind, open heart, and open will, both individually and collectively.

From a quick idea on the last OpenCoffeeClub Dresden (#occdd) the activity emerged into the official program of Atoms & Bits - action learning:-)

5. Co-create Social Presencing Theater in order to shift the awareness of communities from downloading and reacting to collective creativity and presencing. I think there has not been any form of theatre today.

6. Develop a set of Power Places as planetary accupuncture points that support this global movement

One of the Power Places seems to be definitely Berlin, whereas I sense rising power in Dresden. The problem here is the threat of closing plants of the microelectronics area here in Dresden. Nobody really wants to talk about that issue, even though everybody in the city already knows the joke about the difference of Qimonda and Infineon:

6 months :-( (not really funny!)

There seems to be a huge "blind spot" that disables people to see the possibilies that are right in front of them when turning from the mere production of chips to more integrated solutions and value-adding processes.

... (a large conference on microelectronics in about 10 days in Dresden) - nothing about the products or future possibilities of chips and the skills people in that area have.

7. Co-create a core group and a global community of presencing practice that co-inspires a global movement of deep civilizational renewal based on integrating science, spirituality (consciousness) and social change. This online community is a first step into that direction.

We are working on LockSchuppen in order to build a sustainable entrepreneur and startup hub in Dresden where different fields are meeting (especially around new Web-2.0 technology solutions) and co-create added-value.

- Ralf

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Ralf Lippold said...

What started really as a crazy idea, now is becoming more tangible. Currently working on making become reality.

What are the enablers for making it become true?

1. Mentors on how the message on value proposition has to be coined so it gets interested for supporters
2. Hearing the tough questions of emotionally touched people (directly on the EtherPad)
3. Supporters who believe in the project and are willing to support it financially (for the time being)

Looking forward to what you think on the questions.
Cheers, and many thanks for your input