Friday, May 20, 2011

Higher Education being the Cross-Fertilizer of Innovation

We are definitely moving into the future and education becomes a blend of innovation, fun and learning.
LockSchuppen here in Dresden emerged on the ideas of Ray Kurzweil, Singularity University, and collaborative learning using the tools we have been given. The initial spark had been a five-year work and learning experience at BMW Leipzig, led by its visionary founder and creator Peter Claussen.

It was working and getting quite a bit of learning about group dynamics, collaborative innovation, and emerging technologies - I was fun.

Now it is time to transform this learning of the past into the education and work forms of the 21st century. The most recent edu-event was the 3rd Mobile Camp here in Dresden (the microchip capital of Europe - with all the adjacent technology and research right at hand, DRESDENconcept is the ongoing project of the TU Dresden and various research institutes to blend that into something greater than yet seen). Running two sessions on Ray Kurzweil's work with 50 participants was quite an experience - the word is spreading!

Are you coming with us here in Dresden?

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