Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seeds on which ground flourish best?

About two years ago Qimonda, a memory chip producer closed its doors due to economic turmoil and about 3.000 skilled workers lost their jobs. The plant once a pillar of the Saxon micro-electronic hot spot had been sponsored by huge amounts of state funding. The hope was back then that this would spur economic drive in the region with a long history of electronics - being the heart of the GDR microelectronics activities back in the day.

Two years into selling almost all mobile stuff left in the plant, the buildings are to be sold to former mother company Infineon, a daughter of Siemens, Munich. Again a double digit government funding is said to help to spin off a new plant taking up production on new chip production line in the near future.

The question that still stands up: What has really happened in the past ten years that led to the closing in the end? Will the second try be better in the long run?

Will grass grow when put on concrete ground?

What are the changes to be undertaken to find the suitable ground to grow something really sustainably?

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