Thursday, June 30, 2011

Internet of Things - or Everythinks?

#iot = Internet of Things (or may it be Internet of Thinking?)

"Gutenberg invented the printing press (with variable letters) -
considered the most important event of the modern era
1455 he published the bible.
Soon later he was bankrupt.
1517 Martin Luther put the 95 theses on the church gate.
Knowledge about the bible spread across Europe."

>> Fate of an innovator?

@MikeNelson on stage, different approaches to new technologies
Over the past two days it was the web-age and the internet that disrupts current business and create new business models. The 3rd Internet of Things Conference Europe with distinguished guests and speakers from politics arena around the European Commission, main players in the field, innovators (like Uman Haquer, Christian Nold), bloggers and tweeteres from around Europe (like Pierre Metivier, and myself), and some well-known folks from the U.S. (like Mike Nelson [whom I met at Amplify Festival 2011 a mere three weeks ago in Sydney], John Curran)

What is the output that is valuable for society, businesses, and country economies? Reading John Hagel's & John Seely Brown's  "Power of Pull" it can only be:

Define the outputs - and then orchestrate the complex network of players from customers, to service-providers to political entities and standardization institutions to co-create through shared standards and governing interactions that are transparent between the actors. (based on text on page 84 of "Power of Pull")

Can all the players in the game be put on just "one table" in order to achieve that? What enabling power can the "Internet of Thinking" play in this?

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