Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lake of Knowledge - Ready to be Harvested

Yesterday I got reminded that having too much drive in bringing things forward can be a constraint. Being passionate about sharing and connecting people and ideas I often stumble across "unseen" barriers. People get overwhelmed and step aside from my network.

Reminds me of my own behavior of processing information. Rather I like to jump into the "Lake of Wisdom" where I can capture information, people, and data in way I think is relevant. Isn't it therefore not possible to create this opportunity where who wishes can create his/ her own "lake of wisdom"?

How cool would that be? Filling up the level of wisdom you can then decide on (speed, volume, etc.).

A dream? Yes, maybe. It is already pretty close - it perhaps just needs a nudge to happen.

PS.: The picture on left is taken during the flood crisis in Dresden 2002 where information first sat in people's heads, then on the wall (picture) and then smoothly transcended into mobile devices (like Palm Zires, which Palm Europe Inc. sponsored the City of Dresden)

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