Monday, October 24, 2011

Openness is the Future of Science = #OSS2011

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The past two days an amazing event took place in Mountain View, California. Mountain View is not just the headquarters of Google, it also houses the Computer History Museum. An stunning place where the legacy of information technology is like a "cultural island" (even though I haven't been there yet, I have the feeling it probably has a similar energy like the MIT Museum in Cambridge, which I visited in 2007, 2008, and 2009).

This inherent energy made it possible to house the 2nd Open Science Summit created and initiated by Joseph Jackson, be the beacon sending the "lights of research innovation" out in the world. Glad for being connected via Livestream and Twitter (#oss2011; check Greplin to get all relevant tweets). Though the 9 hrs time difference has been a real challenge (as with all action that is going on in the Valley, the inspiration and encouragement for moving on similar paths here in Silicon Saxony and its vast research community has been almost overwhelming.

Thank you all and especially Andrea Kuszewski (whom I got to know -by now only via FB- during last year's H+ Summit Harvard which we screened at CoOrpheum after Ray Kurzweil had visited Dresden for the 4. Dresden Future Summit).

Even though I couldn't make it (crowdfunding for networking entrepreneurship and science is still in an early stage, as we learned all from Jai Ranganathan in his talk on Saturday) I am most positive that in the near future I will come over for a chat with Joseph to BioCurious.

Cheers to all from Dresden,

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