Sunday, October 16, 2011

Serendipity - the field, the emotions, the memories

On the flight back from Oman sitting next to Charles van der Haegen, I first learned about SERENDIPITY. A word that does not really exist in German language. Mostly "glücklicher Zufall" (lucky coincidence) is used and yet this diminishes the power of the concept the split second it reaches your audience.

Serendipity - unknown setting, known people, shaking emotions, upcoming memories

>>> MAGIC happens!

Let it allow to happen :)

Yesterday, once again for me, it happened here in Dresden during the reopening of the Army Museum redone by Daniel Libeskind. A short story Semperoper Ballett "On the Move" and ConfronTension Sparking to Think - and Act!

PS.: One question I do have to you - do you know of any good picture that frames Serendipity beautifully? Thank you so much.

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