Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boundary Spanning Future of Communication

We experimented a lot while prototyping on creating the knowledge & future accelerator here in Dresden from 2009 on. EtherPad as the platform to write the first collaborative business ever done in Dresden for the business plan competition futureSAX (I think the site is only in German, yet GoogleTranslate may help). Also we used it to crowdtranslate the subtitles of Ray Kurzeil's TED talk on Singularity University back in 2008 (German subtitling was organized and led from Dresden, the heart of SiliconSaxony).

Yet the video Bernd Nürnberger, a like-minded Presencing & Social Innovation friend from Japan, shows what really is possible in the time of collaboratively co-creating the future, across disciplines, time, distance, and culture (including the cultures of engineering, researching, politics, citizens - which when deeply looked at as in Edgar Schein's paper are quite different, seldom freely interchanging the group-wise intellectual properties, knowledge, and wisdom). [cont.]

What experiences have we had in using technologies to include different cultures in the conversation?

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