Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitteldeutschland 2023 - (Colorful) Fruits of Small Changes Today

The above being the title of pitch as Leipzig Elevator Pitch Night back in 2008. The speaker was covered with sweat, the audience (200 people from business, education, politics, and English speakers all along) frowned their heads - BUT ONE.

Klaus Wurpts, back then head of Wirtschaftsinitiative Mitteldeutschland, asked the speaker for a personal conversation. "What has been your intention? What is the idea behind what you told in the elevator?"

The answer of the guy, "I have seen the impossible become possible, the new BMW Plant in Leipzig erected in shortest time, half the workforce, at least same quality, and even faster ramping up - it was all done by the people of the region of Mitteldeutschland! So my vision is: providing the infrastructure so individuals can strive to their inner strengths, there will be an abundance of jobs, economic well-being, and joy of life."

Four and a half years later this guy still remembers the night in Leipzig where only a hint about an English workshop in one of newsletters of the Wirtschaftsinitiative Mitteldeutschland caught his eye, he  went, and he entered the competition, not knowing what would wait for him.

He only was deadly sure that if the others in the room could do it, he could do so as, no matter what would come out. The least would be that his voice would be heard by more than one, and his dream would not be lost.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Accelerating, Based on a Seed, and a Network (Idea)

In 2008 Peter Senge's latest book "The Necessary Revolution" came out. It touched base, shortly before the economic meltdown due to the financial crisis, and the U.S. housing bubble, and the question "How individuals and organizations are working togehter to create a Sustainable World?" (actually this is the sub title of the book) arouse.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only think that ever has", said Margaret Mead. To which we would add, "Depending on their ability to build larger networks." ("The Necessary Revolution", page 225) - a quote that is ever so true today (despite immensely increased possibility of connectivity, knowledge flows across disciplinary boundaries).

2012 - Peter Diamandis (co-founder of ISU, Singularity University (with subtitling also in German, French, Greek, Japanese, Hungarian, ...), Planetary Resources, and initiator/ founder of X Prize Foundation) and Steven Kotler have written also a book with the title "abundance - THE FUTURE IS BETTER THAN YOU THINK".

In the note of the authors it reads on page x, "Moreover, the greatest tool we have for tackling our grand challenges is the human mind. The information and communications revolution now underway is rapidly spreading across the planet."

Should we have arrived at a turning point of time, where joint citizen action drives forward innovation, economic wealth, and creation of a sustainable future?

In Dresden this could be observed between the 11th of June till 20th of June 2012 with some single, not obviously connected, events that had a common demeanor - one, or more reappearing citizens who connected the events towards a broader picture, or in other words being part of the larger knowledge flow across boundaries.

2012-06-11 Kick-off World Forum of Universities of Resources on Sustainability - #WFURS on Twitter
2012-06-12 in the morning a personal visit to the local job center (unemployment agency), as I am currently on paid-job search
2012-06-12 attendance of press conference on #WFURS at Sächsische Landespressekonferenz, short chat with rector of TU Bergakademie Freiberg Prof. Bernd Meyer
2012-06-14 attendance of 5th Dresden Future Forum together with Florian Vogelmaier, Angela Incampo, Sören Rogoll, Robert Schinner (DzWk e.V.),
2012-06-15 TU Dresden gains officially the status of an Excellence University
2012-06-16 (- 17th) Bunte Republik Neustadt also with Angela Incampo at Uschis Limobude (short video by Thomas Richter is yet to come) with a short visit after 4th MobileCamp Dresden
2012-06-16 (- 17th) attendance of 4th MobileCamp Dresden (sessions on #abundance [myself] ]and #quantifiedself [Florian Schumacher]) - #mcdd12
2012-06-18 arrival of Finnish teamentrepreneur Hanne Eskelinen from Team Academy in Dresden, 2nd visit to Dresden after 2008 visit to Hellerau with Iiro Koleimanen
2012-06-19 attending Dialogplattform at HTW Dresden as conference blogger, and being boundary spanner to connect Campua, Marco Dziallas, Career Service HTW Dresden,  - #DialogForum
2012-06-20 joint meeting with Hanne Eskelinen, Angela Incampo and members of the Mentoringnetwork of HTW Dresden

Now the question arises, "Why were these activities been brought together, and shared on various platforms?"

The answer perhaps is right in the words by Kevin Kelly, author of "What Technology Wants", in "Abundance" on page 237:

"For most of history , unique mix of talents, skills, insights, and experiences of each person had no outlet. If you dad was a baker, you were a baker. As technology expands the possibility space, it expands the chance that someone can find an outlet for their personal traits ... When we enlarge the variety and reach of technology, we increase options, not just for ourselves and not for others living, but for all generations to come."

.... should we be right in a knowledge singularity with an abundance of opportunities for individuals, citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers, managers, and students?