Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitteldeutschland 2023 - (Colorful) Fruits of Small Changes Today

The above being the title of pitch as Leipzig Elevator Pitch Night back in 2008. The speaker was covered with sweat, the audience (200 people from business, education, politics, and English speakers all along) frowned their heads - BUT ONE.

Klaus Wurpts, back then head of Wirtschaftsinitiative Mitteldeutschland, asked the speaker for a personal conversation. "What has been your intention? What is the idea behind what you told in the elevator?"

The answer of the guy, "I have seen the impossible become possible, the new BMW Plant in Leipzig erected in shortest time, half the workforce, at least same quality, and even faster ramping up - it was all done by the people of the region of Mitteldeutschland! So my vision is: providing the infrastructure so individuals can strive to their inner strengths, there will be an abundance of jobs, economic well-being, and joy of life."

Four and a half years later this guy still remembers the night in Leipzig where only a hint about an English workshop in one of newsletters of the Wirtschaftsinitiative Mitteldeutschland caught his eye, he  went, and he entered the competition, not knowing what would wait for him.

He only was deadly sure that if the others in the room could do it, he could do so as, no matter what would come out. The least would be that his voice would be heard by more than one, and his dream would not be lost.

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