Sunday, January 4, 2015

CES2015 Ante Portas, and #LichtjahrDD #IYL2015 with it

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has now a 40-year history, and its 2015 edition is just about to start.

From January 6-9, 2015, Las Vegas will be host of one of the most prominent trade shows/ conferences / event around technology and its use in daily life. Most of us are surrounded by vast amounts of technology with "embedded power" which enables not only persons to monitor and track personal activity, but also improve the state of life in general (whether on a personal, organizational or social one).

Screenshot of official CES2015 website

#CES2015 is going to be like a whirlwind, or "tech tornado" - the speed to capture all certainly for most of us (including myself, an AI support tool to not only monitor all the upcoming events, conversations, demonstrations, and review but to relate all this data to what I have gathered on data, knowledge and personal wisdom (if one could say) over the course of a good 40 years grown up in a connected home in the late 60's in Mainz-Lerchenberg where my parents were both working at the German Television ZDF).

It seems odd that smart metering even for the most common thing like central heating (not the wood fire place anymore) hasn't come into the mainstream yet. Even when you see newly built housing, or refurbishing of old houses there is seldom a focus on using smart technology.

How to capture all that what is going on during these days in Las Vegas at #CES2015? h/t Eventifier and their team to make the almost impossible POSSIBLE (direct link to the aggregated overview,

Around two months ago I attended the workshop on #SmartCityDresden (mostly German, but we worked to include the interested English audience as well, especially as Dresden is a major European hub for semiconductors, material science, and other underlying technologies and initiatives) here in Dresden at Technische Sammlungen (which houses the history of optical legacy of the city which once was home to cameras widely known around the world) and shared a few thoughts on it on LinkedIn.

In two weeks time the International Year of Light, #IYL2015, will start and at Technische Sammlungen there will be the kick-off event of the local activities around light and light-based technologies #LichtjahrDD [the provided link brings together all tweets that mention both mentioned hashtags and we are glad to have Eventifier as partner of the year-long event].

Without further due we'd wish all who read with excitement not only this blog, but looking forward to  #CES2015 and the International Year of Light


PS.: Anybody interested to join the kick-off event in Dresden on Monday, January 19, 2015 please tweet to @LichtjahrDD using the hashtag #LichtjahrDD and further details will be delivered

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