Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changing to the Better - Would You Dare?

In tough times, challenges ahead, just take the detour to the bookstore closest to you. Stroll around (in the real Presencing mode) and let surprises catch you. Mine was definitely MikeRother's newest book which I found in German version (quite uncommon for lean or state of the art international business literature).

My key points taking away:

1. Change can't be imposed to running processes (which are mainly influenced and lived by people) through workshops, specialists/experts, teaching outside the workplace
2. MBM - Management by Means (to go the next level managing what you have most elegantly)
3. Start small - even though you can't really foresee what the future brings
4. Do that - quick, transparent, and learn immediately on feedback
5. Mike mentioned a holistic view, where everything is connected, which goes right into system dynamics
6. ... ask yourself where you are today (with the company), where you want to be (in the future), and what is currently hindering you. Then decide on small action that go into that future direction (immediately (!)) and let your folks on the shopfloor and office have their way (they mostly know best)

Reading through 3/4 of the book the following books are highly recommended in doing the follow up and putting into practice. They are not mentioned in the book, however it became clear that the fields are highly connected. A small investment for a person, a huge for personal learning, and an immense for the people and the organization!

1. Business Dynamics, JohnSterman
2. Theory U - To Lead from the Future as it Emerges, OttoScharmer
3. Process Consultation, EdgarSchein

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