Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't be Evil - Just Do Good, the Rest will Evolve

Times are going faster every day, at least it feels like it. Talking with someone of Forio, a system dynamics simulation consulting based in San Francisco, I stumbled across the SD Forum.

Don't Be Evil  crossed my eyesight and whooosh it didn't take long to dig deeper into this interesting sounding info.

"Creative Destruction of Companies
For many organizations, alarm bells were going off long before the meltdown of financial markets. The emergence of two-way traffic on the internet has been destructive to many markets and companies. The classic example is Wikipedia, the free web encyclopedia based on “user-generated content...." (taken from the booklet)

Are our organizations running full speed into the crossing, seeing the traffic light on RED yet thinking, "We will be fine moving on!"?

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Ralf Lippold said...

I am amazed most watched blog post ever. I wonder what caught interest? Was it the "Google Slogan"? What word grabbed interest? Curious as ever ;-)