Monday, January 10, 2011

Vannevar Bush's Vision (written in 1945)

Symposium on 50th anniversary of Vannevar Bush's groundbreaking article "As we May Think

Pretty amazing to hear and read about what we still in vast areas of society are struggling with. Resistance is more evident than in the 60s or 70s when times were open to new things. Back in those days a kind of "open crack" in the fixed house of thinking in society was breaking up. Only to be covered up a few years later.

Twenty years after the Wall has come down and globalization is more possible than ever before, my personal experience in innovative workspaces (such as BMW AG) has shown me that technology alone is not enough. A constantly constraining factor is the pressure on time, competitiveness and people's fear to loose jobs. 

Using the given and emerging technology we are probably already more aware and using could help us and others to create the solutions together for the challenging complex problems we are facing today.

What is the one first step you do on this joined journey?

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