Tuesday, April 19, 2011

21st Century Opera - Time of Enlightenment 2.0

Reflecting on 'L'incoronazione di Poppea' a baroque opera dated back to 1643 which inner truth is so much  of our today's world. Not much has changed: inner circles rule the country and business world, masses of people (workers) make the whole running smoothly, interpersonal and group dynamics show up in crisis especially.

What makes me wonder? How about creating modern opera of todays composers taking the actual reality into account, adapting it to a vivid opera context that then provides the "cultural island" from which the visitors from interdisciplinary fields (politics, science, arts, and business) can get into dialog on changing the world they live into to the better together.

Who is the one who takes the first step to create such?

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Ralf Lippold said...

I'd say Kurt Weill with 'Street Scene' has done it beautifully and the team of Semperoper has played it excellently :)