Friday, April 1, 2011

When Flow of Thought is Cut - IMMEDIATELY! What to do?

Inspired by a recent post by Kurzweil AI I think by myself, "How true is that!" - Islandic volcano, snow everywhere in winter 2010/2011, earthquake and tsunami in Japan, flooding in Thailand, what's next?

  • Have we as a species already adapted to the changing environment? 
  • Do we still need to travel back and forth and why is that so?

>>> the following was written on Pegasus on 25th of December 2010:

Merry Xmas to all!

What seemed unnatural in spring now comes back in form of never ending snowing here in Saxony and Dresden.

At the moment it is Christmas time, on Monday work starts again.

The current events make us again aware that nature has a much tighter grip on our daily action than we might have thought in the past.

In which ways do we react?

Do we try to do the things we did in the past? Freeing streets running the goods and people as good as possible?

Or do we cocreate new solutions to the given situation outside and take the benefits it gives us in our hands?

Quite a few people will have the probably the chance to try new forms of work such as

All a healthy time and moments to rethink!
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