Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Back Channel Value of Giving

Please feel free to add/ comment. Thanks a lot for your support/ input in this little poll, which will help me to understand your needs better and adjust my offers at #GSP12 at Singularity University this summer.
What would you expect in return for (if the person in question is attending a 10-week summer course at one of the viable tech hotspots on earth):

10 $
50 $
100 $
200 $
400 $
800 $
1,600 $
3,200 $
6,400 $


Ralf Lippold said...

Getting feedback on the web is always a challenge. You get what you incentivize - as Peter Diamandis has stated in his Peter's Laws.

Anyway, the project blog now can be found on

Ralf Lippold said...

What seemed like an impossible task in 2012 now has played fully on exponential technology, and zero marginal costs.

What is aggregated, and curated from the social web about the proceedings at #GSP14 gives already value to the followers on Eventifier.

What additional value are you seeking to get out of this conversation, in case you'd support it financially? Especially the competition to raise the tuition money of roughly $30k for a participant from Saxony for next year's #GSP15?