Saturday, May 5, 2012

Abundance Is Ready for Us

Ten years ago, a summer in Dresden, the "Black Swan" of an overnight flooding of the City of Dresden set off the creative minds in the city to act upon a bigger purpose: saving the precious legacy of the past.

Technology played a huge role in the first days to get organized within non-existing organizational structures (the city-owned computer center had been flooded completely over night in those days).

Now in 2012 the memories are fading, only when heavy rain is announced the past comes into mind of the citizens, especially when you live close by the river. Since this time however accelerating exponential technologies have become a major economic driver for the city' prosperity. And yet there seems to be not much visibility of what is "cooking" here.

In order to change that, I have applied to Singularity University's 2012 Graduate Studies Program (back in 2011 I had a seat, yet no fundings) and I am constantly knitting together the dots in my various networks to create awareness, support, financial backing, and most of all interest of local institutions, and people in the region who also see the vast chances of what Saxony and its people can create (not just for them) for society at large.

BlueFuture2012 - "What is outspoken is possible!" as Yadegar Asisi yesterday at Panometer Dresden said! It sounds for me a bit weird to ask you for support on making this vision a reality in 2012. Please visit my blog covering the small, yet growing steps towards the goal of making Dresden by 2015 Europe's most acknowledged tech and art hotspot, creating #abundance.

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